Seven Custom Themes for iPhone/iPad Keyboards

Seven Custom Keyboard ThemesDid you know you can customize your iPhone/iPad keyboard? Well, you can — and we’ve now got seven custom keyboard apps for you to choose from!

  • Bling Keys – Jewels, precious metals, and other sparkly things
  • Piano Keys – Grand variety of Pianos and Keyboards
  • Pot Keys – Cannabis Leaf symbols and colors
  • Cat Keys – Cute Cats & Kittens
  • Pride Keys – Rainbow Pride symbols and colors
  • Cop Keys – Cops, Badges and other symbols of Law Enforcement
  • Je Suis Free Keys – Writing/Drawing Symbols of Free Expression

The seven themes each offer custom fonts, buttons, backgrounds and templates. Additionally, users have have unlimited color selections for fonts, buttons and backgrounds, and they can use their own images (gallery or camera) to make their keyboard backgrounds.

Piano Keys Custom Keyboard SampleThe sample keyboard on the right is from the Piano Keys app.  For more information and samples of each of the seven different themes, click here.

Each theme includes three free custom fonts, buttons, backgrounds and templates, as well as the unlimited color selection for font, buttons and background, and the camera/gallery background feature. We also offer an in-app purchase ($0.99), which removes advertising and unlocks many more custom fonts, buttons, backgrounds and templates.

To download one of our Custom Keyboard apps from iTunes, click here.

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