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feature graphicUse our free Sacred Stickers app to add Christian, Bible and faith-themed stickers, symbols and frames to your pictures! We have free Sacred Stickers apps for both iPhone/iPad and Android users, but the versions are a little different in their functions and features, as noted below.

android sacred stickers appsolute madness set of four

Take a picture using your device’s camera, or select an image from your gallery. Use the photo-editing features to crop; adjust brightness and saturation; and enhance the image. Customize your image with blur, flares, highlights, shadows or focus.

stickers_offTap the Cross button to access four different sets of stickers. There are a total of 94 sacred stickers to choose from, and you can add as many as you want to each pic!

  • Set 1: Christian & faith-based messages (25)
  • Set 2: Bible verses (25)
  • Set 3: Angels (18)
  • Set 4: Catholic Symbols (26)

Touch any sticker icon to insert that sticker into your image. Drag it where you want it, stretch/shrink it, and even adjust its opacity to make it as transparent as you like. Click to the crop/edit button to crop your image, to select one of our frames or symbols, or to use the filtering and editing features. Adjust the opacity of frames and symbols for the perfect effect!

Save your customized image to your device, or share it with your friends.

Our free Sacred Stickers app for Android is ad-supported. To remove ads, use Sacred Stickers Pro, available for download or as an in-app purchase for $0.99.

set sacred stickers appsolute madness iphone ipadFOR iPHONE & iPAD USERS:
Select an image from your gallery, or take a picture with your phone/tablet. Crop the image as desired. Then add one or more stickers!

The free version of Sacred Stickers includes a variety pack of 28 Christian, Bible and faith-themed stickers and messages, as well as the full use of the text generator and save/share functions.

Tiger_Button-01To access the 28 free Sacred Stickers, touch the Bible “Stickers” icon in the bottom center of your screen. (For more variety, tap the “More” button in the top right corner of the set of free stickers. You’ll see an in-app purchase option that includes 72 additional Sacred Stickers for $0.99.)

Press the “Add Text” button to use our text generator. You can add a message to the top, the bottom, or both top & bottom of your pictures. Touch the “top” and “bottom” buttons to toggle where you want to add text, and use the plus/minus keys to change the size of text.

Then, save the final image to your device, or share it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, or by email!

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Free download on iTunes
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