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GO MO STICKERS AND MEME GENERATOR APP FACEBOOK COVER APPSOLUTE MADNESS1Go Mo Stickers & Meme Generator (“Go Mo”) is a free app for iPhone/iPad and Android phones & tablets to add moustaches, beards and Movember/NoShaveNovember-themed stickers, symbols and messages to your pics!

Mo (Australian slang for moustache) + November = Movember

mona lisa gomo app movember noshavenovember appsolute madness 2The Movember Foundation has designated November as a month for special awareness of issues related to men’s mental and physical health.

Each November, men from around the world commit to grow mustaches (“mustaches” for Americans!) or beards to show their support for the cause and to raise funds and awareness in their communities. Many men choose not to shave for the entire month of November, often noted on social media with the hashtag #NoShaveNovember.

Appsolute Madness — or more specifically, Don & Angel, the two guys who ARE Appsolute Madness — supports this important cause, and we made Go Mo Stickers as a fun way for EVERYONE to participate, ladies included. If growing an actual moustache isn’t in your future, technology comes to the rescue with digital options!

Within the scope of men’s health, the cause focuses on physical health (prostate & testicular cancer, physical activity/fitness) and mental health. There are colored awareness ribbons associated with the different cancers and mental health issues, so we’ve paired color-coordinated moustaches with relevant awareness ribbons to create meaningful symbols specific to this cause. And with the goal of raising awareness, we’ve created some whimsical mustaches with stars, stripes and polka dots in bold colors, stickers we think will be fun for you creative-types and that we think will be more noticeable (and thus, raise awareness!) than the traditional black moustache.

There are a few differences between the layout and functionality for the iPhone and Android versions, so they are described separately below.
panel for iphoneFor iPhone/iPad users:
STEP 1: Select an image from your gallery, or take a picture with your phone/tablet. Crop the image as desired.

Tiger_Button-01STEP 2: Touch the blue Moustache icon to open a display of 36 free stickers for you to choose from. To select a sticker, simply touch it, and it will appear on your image. Drag and move the white circle to place, resize and adjust the sticker. To delete it, touch the X in the red circle. Add as many stickers as you want!

Use the tool bar at the top of your device to delete the sticker (“trash can”), flip it vertically or horizontally (pairs of arrows), or select the sticker once you’ve placed it where you want it (yellow check mark).

Note: The opaque stickers can be stretched to cover your entire image as an overlay.

STEP 3: After you’ve added all the desired stickers, press the SAVE arrow, which takes you to our text generator. To add a message to your image, touch the Edit Text button. You can add a message to the top, bottom or both. Touch the “top” and “bottom” buttons to toggle placement of the text, and use the plus/minus keys to change the size of text.

STEP 4: Save the final image to your device, or share it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, or by email!

The free iPhone/iPad version of Go Mo Stickers & Text Generator includes a variety pack of 36 moustache, beard, and Movember/NoShaveNovember stickers and messages, as well as the full use of the text generator and save/share functions.

For additional sticker options, we have the Go Mo Stickers Bundle of 72 additional stickers available for $0.99 as an in-app purchase.

Go Mo Free Stickers & Meme Generator is ad-supported. If you don’t want any ads, please check out our ad-free version, Go Mo Pro Stickers & Meme Generator, available for $0.99.

go mo sticker and meme generator for android by appsolute madness movemberFOR ANDROID USERS:
Take a picture using your device’s camera, or select an image from your gallery. Use the photo editing features to crop; adjust brightness and saturation; and enhance the image. Customize your pic with blur, flares, highlights, shadows or focus.

Tap the Moustache Sticker button to access four different sets of stickers.

  • Set 1: Variety of moustache shapes and colors
  • Set 2: Variety of beard shapes and colors
  • Set 3: Whimsical moustaches, awareness ribbons & Movember symbols of varied shapes, colors and styles
  • Set 4: “Hipster” sets – Moustaches with glasses & hats

Touch any sticker icon to insert that sticker into your image. Drag it where you want it, stretch/shrink it, and even adjust its opacity to make it as transparent as you like.

Go to the crop/edit feature to select one of our many Movember-themed shapes and frames. Touch to select the desired shape or frame, and use the opacity tool to adjust the color and transparency. (We do not currently have the text generator feature for the Android version, but we’re adding it VERY SOON!)

Save your customized image to your device, or share it with your friends!

We created Go Mo specifically to raise awareness of men’s health issues, and we made it FREE so everyone could enjoy it.  But we also included a few paid options in both the iPhone and Android versions, with the hope of raising funds for Movember Foundation’s work: A portion of the proceeds raised by our Go Mo apps will be donated to Movember Foundation. (Fellow MoBro’s: I’m a MoBro on Team Oryx!)

GO MO Stickers & Meme Generator
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