Free Patriot Stickers App for Android

how to make opaque pic free patriot stickers app Use the free Patriot Stickers app for Android to add patriotic and US flag themed stickers, symbols and frames to your pics.

Take a picture using your device’s camera, or select an image from your gallery. Use the photo editing features to crop; adjust brightness and saturation; and enhance the image. Customize your pic with blur, flares, highlights, shadows or focus.

Tap the Patriot Sticker button to access three different sets of stickers. There are a total of 75 stickers to choose from, and you can add as many as you want to each pic!

  • Set 1: Red, white & blue US flag themed stickers (24)
  • Set 2: Patriotic themed hats, sunglasses, ties and other accessories (24)
  • Set 3: Independence Day themed stickers and messages

Touch any sticker icon to insert that sticker into your image. Drag it where you want it, stretch/shrink it, and even adjust its opacity to make it as transparent as you like.

Go to the crop/edit feature to select one of our many patriot-themed frames, including a solid US flag overlay. Touch the desired pattern to select, and use the opacity tool if you want to adjust the transparency of the frame. As illustrated above, you can select the US flag and adjust its opacity to make the perfect July 4th profile pic for your social media!

Save your customized image to your device, or share it with your friends!

The free Patriot Stickers app by Appsolute Madness is ad-supported. To remove ads, use our Pro Patriot Stickers app, available for download or as an in-app purchase for $0.99.

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