Hipster Pawzles

5 complete set hipster pawzles by appsolute madnessHipster Pawzles is a free, hipster paw-themed jigsaw puzzle app for iPhone and iPad. (For free download on iTunes, click here.)

2 hipster pawzles by appsolute madnessA “pawzle” is a paw-themed puzzle, and all of our hipsters happen to have paws, including cats, dogs, lions, tigers, bears and rabbits! Hipsters are known for their crazy hats, their patchwork vests, their colorful bow ties and even tobacco pipes.

Hipster Pawzles has 20 hipster paw-themed pawzles for you to choose from, including dogs, cats, monkeys and other adorable animals.We have free pawzle apps specifically for cat lovers and for dog lovers, too! Be sure to check out Cat Pawzles and Dog Pawzles.

There are two levels of difficulty:
EASY mode – 20-piece puzzles
HARD mode – 30-piece puzzles (iPhone); 48-piece puzzles (iPad)

4 hipster pawzles by appsolute madnessWhen you start the pawzle, we begin a timer – so you can see how fast you can put it back together!

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Free Hipster paw-themed jigsaw puzzle app for iPhone/iPad
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