Cat Pawzles

1 cat pawzles appsolute madness botl.comCat Pawzles is a free, cat-themed jigsaw puzzle app for iPhone & iPad. (For free download, click here.)

A “pawzle” is a paw-themed puzzle.

3 cat pawzles appsolute madness botl.comCat Pawzles has a dozen adorable cat-themed pawzles for you to choose from. (We have a dog-themed pawzle app for dog lovers, too!)

There are two levels of difficulty:
EASY mode – 20-piece puzzles
HARD mode – 30-piece puzzles (iPhone); 48-piece puzzles (iPad)

4 cat pawzles appsolute madness botl.comWhen you start the puzzle, we begin a timer – so you can see how fast you can put the puzzle back together!

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Free cat-themed jigsaw puzzle app for iPhone/iPad
Click here for free download

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