Zombie HiLo

1 zombie hilo free card game loading screenIf you like zombies and card games, our Zombie HiLo¬†free card game for iPhone & iPad is perfect for you! We’ve taken the traditional Hi-Lo card game and given it a zombie theme. Click here for free download from iTunes.

The rules are simple: Pick a card, and then place a bet on whether the next card will be higher or lower. (Get it? High/Low….or Hi-Lo!) Or mix things up a little and bet whether the next card will be Red or Black! After placing your bet, select one of the cards in the zombie dealer’s rotting, green fingers, or use the AutoPick option and he’ll select one for you.
3 zombie hilo free card game higher lower red black
Zombie HiLo is free to play. The app is ad-supported, but we know what a nuisance ads can be so we’ve kept them at a minimum. And if you want, we have an in-app purchase for $0.99 that lets you remove ads.

We start you off with $1,000 in free credits to play. Bets can be as low as 10 cents per hand, or you can really throw caution to the wind and bet up to $100 per hand. If you bet carefully, the free credits should last you all the way through the Zombie Apocalypse! But if you want more credits, you can buy more at any time; we have several great packages for you to choose from.

Note: We know there are different versions of the game, where Aces are the highest card. In our version, Aces are low, and Kings are high.

Zombie HiLo is simulated gambling for entertainment purposes only.

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