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Zombie Solitaire (“Zolitaire”) is a free zombie-themed version of the card game solitaire. Zolitaire is available for iPhone/iPad and Android.

Rules of Zolitaire:
After the deck is shuffled, 28 cards are stacked in three pyramids in the top center. The remaining cards appear in the bottom center, with the face-side of one card showing. Your goal is to select a card that is one card higher or lower than your display card, and continue selecting until there are no matches. You can then tap “Next Card” to get a new display card and try to start a new run with it. To win, you need to use up ALL 28 cards in the three stacks.
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The card sequence is Ace-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-Jack-Queen-King-Ace. Suit doesn’t matter. And you can go either direction when matching your display card, so your run could be 6-7-8-7-8-9-10-9-8-9, for example.

Aces are both high and low, so you can follow them with either a 2 or a King.

If you hit a snag, you can keep trying the “Next Card” to see if you get a match….or you can use a wild card to guarantee a match.

We give you three Wild Cards to start. You don’t even have to use Wild Cards to play, but they can help you keep going into more and more rounds without breaking your winning streak. If you want additional Wild Cards, you can purchase them at any time. We have three value packs for you to choose from.

The free version of Zolitaire is ad-supported. If you prefer to play ads-free, then check out our $0.99 Pro version.
Zolitaire is simulated gambling for entertainment purposes only.

To download Zombie Solitaire Free, click here
To download Zombie Solitaire Pro, click here

To download Zombie Solitaire Free, click hereĀ 
To download Zombie Solitaire Pro, click here

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