1 iphone 4 potzy dice game landing screenDo you know how to roll? Then come play with us! Potzy Free Dice Game  and Potzy Pro Dice Game (“Potzy”) is pot-themed Yatzy for individual players. Potzy is available for both iPhone/iPad and Android.

There are 13 rounds in each game. You begin each round with six dice, which can be rolled up to three times. Tap to select or deselect any dice, and roll the remaining ones.

2 iphone 4 potzy dice game instructionsYour goal is to get the highest score possible for each of the 13 categories in the column to the left. After you roll, we light up the categories that are possible matches, and we show what the score would be if you selected that category.

As you progress through the rounds, there will be fewer and fewer categories to pick from. If no categories light up after your third roll, then pick one of the remaining categories and take 0 points for that category.

A “potzy” is five-of-a-kind. You get 100 points for a potzy!

To review the instructions and scoring rules at any time, just tap the Instructions button on the main menu.

3 iphone 4 potzy dice game playingPotzy is free to play. We start you with 420 free points, which should last you a LONG time. You can bet as little as 1 point per game, which lasts for 13 rounds. If you decide you want more points, tap the Buy button and choose from our five value packs. And for those who are really competitive and want the highest possible score, you can even buy additional rolls so that you’re not limited to three per round.

5 iphone 4 potzy dice game buy coinsThe free version is ad-supported, so there are occasional popup ads. (But we keep it to a minimum!) If you prefer ad-free games, Potzy Pro is  available for $0.99.

Potzy is simulated gambling for entertainment purposes only.

Click here to download Potzy Free Dice Game
Click here to download Potzy Pro Dice Game

Click here to download Potzy Free Dice Game
Click here to download Potzy Pro Dice Game

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