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1 Oopsie Daisy free dice game 1Oopsie Daisy  is a free dice game for iPhone/iPad and Android. It’s similar to the popular dice game Farkle, but specifically designed for individual players to enjoy.

There are ten rounds in each game. You start each round with six dice. Tap the cup and roll them, and select the ones that provide the best score. (Sometimes you may want to just select one “1” or a “5” so you can score and re-roll all the remaining dice. The more dice you have for subsequent rolls, the greater your chance for getting a higher-scoring combination, like a three-of-a-kind or four-of-a-kind!) A round ends when you “tap to bank” your score, or when you roll and don’t score any points – Oopsie Daisy!

To “bank” your points and move on to the next round, tap on the prompt in the left-hand column that says “Tap to Bank.” Otherwise, tap the dice cup to roll the remaining dice. But beware: If you roll and don’t score any points – Oopsie Daisy! You lose any points you had won during that round.

If you use ALL six dice in one round, you can either bank your score and move to the next round, OR you can Roll Again with six new dice.  Just remember you have more points at stake! If you’re lucky, you can really rack up the points in a single round. As an added bonus when you use all six dice and bank your score, the points from that round will be added to your score in the following round, as long as you don’t Oopsie Daisy in that round!

If you score 5,000 points, you win the amount of coins you bet at the beginning of the round. Plus, you also win the amount of coins you bet for each 1,000 points over 5,000.

For example, if you bet 10 coins, and your score after Round 10 was 6,200….you would win 20 coins! That’s 10 coins for scoring 5,000, and then 10 coins for scoring 1,000 points over 5,000. If your score had been 9,200….you would have won 50 coins!

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We give you 500 free coins to start, plus an additional 10 free coins every day you play. And if you want any more coins, you can buy them at any time using our in-app purchase option. We have five value packs for you to choose from.

Oopsie Daisy Free Dice Game is ad-supported. We also have an ads-free Pro version available for $0.99.

Oopsie Daisy Free Dice Game and Oopsie Daisy Pro are simulated gambling for entertainment purposes only.

Click here to download Oopsie Daisy Free Dice Game

Click here to download Oopsie Daisy Free Dice Game.
Click here to download Oopsie Daisy Pro.

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