Funky Frog Pot Slots

Funky Frogs Pot SlotsFunky Frog Pot Slots (“Funky Frog”) is a pot-themed casino-style slot machine game for iPhone and iPad, complete with  in-game music and realistic slot-machine sounds & features.  Click here to download.

You won’t find Lucky 7s, Bars, Diamonds or other ordinary slot-machine symbols on this game. That’s just not how we “roll”!  So if you’d rather see 4-2-0 than 7-7-7, then this is the game is for you!

funky frog and friends with background and outline

Our little “cannabis casino” features Funky Frog, the cool green dude with orange locks, blue shades, and his signature joint, as well as his four best friends:

  • Bongo, the Bullfrog
  • Toker, the Turtle
  • Hogleg, the Hoot Owl
  • Skiddly-Bop, the Sheep

You’ll also see Lucky 420, a stoned pot leaf named Buzz, and enough gooey cheese pizza slices to give you the munchies!

And now for the best part:  Funky Frog Pot Slots is free to play! When you first download Funky Frog Pot Slots, we start you off with 420 free credits. (Didn’t we just say 420 was a lucky number?!) Plus, each day you play, we give you an additional 100 free credits. That’s just the kind of people we are! We even personally did the mathematical calculations for the winning combos — My head STILL hurts! — and did our best to ensure you’ll win often enough to make it fun. We doubt you’ll run out of credits, but if you do, you can buy as many as you want:

  • 100 credits for $0.99
  • 500 credits + 100 bonus credits = 600 credits for $4.99
  • 1000 credits + 250 bonus credits = 1250 credits for $9.99


  • Three of a kind – 420 (Jackpot), Funky Frog, Buzz or Pizza Slice
  • Two Buzzes (Pot Leafs) plus Bongo, Toker, Hogleg or Skiddly-Bop


  • Tap the Spin button to bet one credit.
  • To bet between 1 and 10 credits, tap the Bet button till you’ve reached the desired bet, and then tap the Spin button.
  • To bet 10 credits, tap the Maxbet Button, and then tap the Spin button.

Half the fun is sharing, right? Don’t forget to pass it around. We’ve made it easy for you to share Funky Frogs Pot Slots with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. Just tap the Facebook or Twitter button and spread the love!

In addition to the realistic slot-machine sounds, we’ve got chillaxing tunes to provide soothing background music while you play – But if you don’t want the music, simply touch the “Sancho, the Guitar Frog” button, and he’ll chill till you touch his button again to restart the music.

If you forget any of the instructions — and who doesn’t sometimes forget, right? — don’t worry! Just tap the buttons on your iPhone or iPad, like the hemp Help button in the top left corner, or the BIG orange Spin button in the middle. Funky Frogs Pot Slots is really easy and really fun, so just relax and play.

Okay, enough chit-chat: Time to roll! We’re hoping you see 420 in your future! Click here to download.Funky Frog Pot Slots

Funky Frog is simulated gambling for entertainment purposes only.

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