Fish Stix

featured graphic fishstixIf you like Candy Crush, you’ll LOVE Fish Stix, a free strategy game for iPhone & iPad and Android phones & tablets!

There are over 50 levels for you to play, and each level adds higher goals and requires more skill and strategy.


  • Charlie, the Crab
  • Sammy, the Seahorse
  • Tango, the Blue Tang
  • Clarence, the Clown Fish
  • Polly, the Puffer Fish
  • Julie, the Jellyfish

To score, slide a tile to make a row of three or more matching tiles, or to make an L or T shape out of five tiles. Use the bonus tiles to clear an entire row or entire section of the game board, and use the special pearl tile to remove all tiles of one specific type.fix stix

Make a row of FOUR matching tiles to get a “striped tile”…which can be used to clear a whole row!
Make an L or T shape out of five tiles to get a “super tile” which can be used to clear a whole area.
Make a row of FIVE matching tiles to get a “pearl rainbow tile,” which can be matched with a tile to remove all similar tiles from the game board.

Match a striped tile with a super tile for an explosion that clears multiple rows and a bigger area.
Match a pearl rainbow tile with a striped tile or super tile to change ALL tiles with that same sea creature into striped or super tiles.

Fish Stix is free to play. We give you FIVE free lives, and any time you lose one of them, we restore it after 15 minutes. You can earn free credits by watching a short video ad, or you can buy “pearls” at any time to use for extra lives and boosters. We have four great packages to choose from.

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