Demon Pop

1 demon pop whole castDemon Pop is a free “whack-a-mole” type strategy game for Android phones & tablets. But instead of pesky little moles, the enemies are demons for the Pope to cast out of the unclean beast!

hand and cross2While visiting the United States, the Beloved Pope encountered the American Beast, pure HATE in its most hideous human form, known for its legion of evils like Bigotry, Hypocrisy, Adultery & Pride.

So Pop the demon-possessed beast with a crucifix and send those demons BACK to hell where they belong!

3 demon pop modesDemon Pop offers three Modes of Play:

  1. DEMON – Try to pop every demon that pops up. The game ends after you’ve missed 200.
  2. POPE – Lots of demon-possessed beasts will pop up, but sometimes it’s the Pope! Pop the Demons, not the compassionate, caring, loving & non-judgmental spiritual leader the world loves. The Pope carries a rainbow flag, an international symbol of tolerance, something that seems uniquely threatening and insufferable to the hideous & hateful American Beast.
  3. TIMER – Pop as many Demons as you can in 60 seconds!

Demon Pop has Music & Sound Effects. As you would expect, exorcisms are NOISY! You can play with both Music & Sound turned on, with just Music or just Sound, or with both turned off. But the sound effects make the game so much more fun!!


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For free download of Demon Pop on GooglePlay, click here.



DISCLAIMER: All characters and events that are depicted and/or take place in Demon Pop and its related graphics are completely fictional. Demon Pop uses satire and parody to freely express, and to enable users to freely express, support for human rights, tolerance & equality, and opposition to intolerance, bigotry & hypocrisy, particularly when such hateful actions committed behind the disingenuous facade of “sincere religious beliefs”.

Appsolute Madness, Inc., and Demon Pop in no way encourage actual violence against any creature, human or beast, nor should they be interpreted as calling for such action. Any depiction of violence in Bop-A-Beast is entirely figurative, representing good (fighting for equality and human rights) standing up against evil (bigotry, hate and intolerance). Any depiction of religious symbolism is not intended as a slur, but rather as our expression of those symbols being used in their most positive context, for the good of humanity (again, equality and human rights) rather than as the weapon of oppression and excuse for hypocrisy & bigotry they have so frequently served for millennia.

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