Beer Deer

featured graphic beer deerBEER DEER is a free “Whack-A-Mole” type strategy game for iPhone & iPad and Android smartphones & tablets. Instead of pesky little moles, we have Angry Deer wielding axes, chainsaws and rifles — and instead of whacking those Angry Deer, your goal is to give them a beer, or to “beer-bop” them. A beer deer is a happy deer!


  • BEAST MODE – Try to beer-bop every Angry Deer that pops up. The game ends after you’ve let 200 of them get away.
  • FRIEND MODE – Try to beer-bop every Angry Deer that pops up….but be careful not to beer-bop a Beer Deer. They come bearing beer!
  • TIMER MODE – Beer-bop as many Angry Deer as you can in 60 seconds!


  • Angry Deer 1 has a handsaw.
  • Angry Deer 2 has a chainsaw.
  • Angry Deer 3 has an axe.
  • Angry Deer 4 has a rifle.
  • Beer Deer: Has two steins of beer – one for you, and one for himself!

BEER DEER has Music & Sound Effects. You can play with both turned on, with just Music or Sound turned on, or with both turned off.

Appsolute Madness, Inc., and BEER DEER in no way encourage actual violence against any creature, human or beast, nor should they be interpreted as calling for such action. Give beer a chance!

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