Angry Turdz

new featured graphic angry turdzAngry Turdz is a fun, free game of skill and strategy for iPhone & iPad and Android phones & tablets.

The Monkey King took Dumpy, the turd leader, and now the Angry Turdz want him back. To save Dumpy, use the Angry Turdz to get through 55 levels of plumbing, working your way up the sewage pipe to reach the Monkey King!

At the start of each new level, you have a toilet full of “Angry Turdz.” One angry turd will appear on top of the toilet, and your goal is to toss that turd into a cluster of same-colored turds! Whenever you make a cluster of three or more (a “group of poop”), they drop down into the bathroom plungers and you score!

When you see two tiny Angry Turdz with circular arrows at the base of the toilet, that’s a special feature that lets you swap out your angry turd if you don’t like the one currently on the toilet seat.angry turdz with fliesTo toss a turd, put your finger on it and drag across the screen — or for straight lines, it’s easiest to tap where you want the turd to go. Sometimes you’ll need your turd to go around a corner, so you’ll want to find the perfect angle to bounce if off the sides. That’s where skill & strategy really come in to play!

tp coinWe give you 5 free coins (“Golden TP Rolls”), but you can buy more at any time. And we have four value packs for you to choose from!

You begin with 5 free lives, and you earn replacement lives as you play. Your free lives should last you quite a while, but if you ever need extra, just use your Golden TP Rolls to buy them.


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