AMI Game Apps Privacy Policy

Appsolute Madness, Inc. (“AMI”) provides entertainment applications for iPhone and iPad and for Android smartphones and tablets,  including but not limited to:

  • Potzy Free Dice Game & Potzy Pro Dice Game (“Potzy”)
  • Bible Dots Free & Bible Dots Pro (“Bible Dots”)
  • Paw Dots FreePaw Dots Pro (“Paw Dots“)
  • Pot Dots Free & Pot Dots Pro (“Pot Dots“)
  • Cat Pawzles, Dog Pawzles, Hipster Pawzles & Pet Pawzles (“Pawzles”)
  • Dream Puzzler
  • Oopsie Daisy Free Dice Game & Oopsie Daisy Pro Dice Game (“Oopsie Daisy“)
  • High Roller Free Dice Game & High Roller Pro Dice Game (“High Roller“)
  • Angry Turdz
  • Attack of the Flying Pigs (“Flying Pigs”) Free & Pro
  • Poop Fling
  • Royal Flush Potty Slots
  • Funky Frog Pot Slots
  • Lucky Dog Slots
  • Lucky Kitty Slots
  • Fish Stix
  • Bop-A-Beast, Beer Deer, Demon Pop, Whack-A-Weed, and Pop-A-Pope
  • Card Shark 21
  • Zombie Eyeballz (“Eyeballz for Zombies” or “Eyeballz”)
  • Zombie Hi-Lo
  • Zombie Solitaire Free & Zombie Solitaire Pro (“Zolitaire”)

collectively referred to as AMI Game Apps.

If you send feedback to AMI, your email address will be visible to us, and we may use your email address to reply to your feedback or to provide technical support.

Personal information will not be intentionally provided by AMI to third-parties, except under the following circumstances:

  • At the user’s express or implied request (such as by the user linking to the information);
  • With the user’s permission;
  • By order of a judge or legislative body;
  • As required by law;
  • On demand of any governmental authority authorized to investigate the commission of a crime;
  • For use by any Joint Venture partner of AMI, and only for the purposes of sales and support of any product or service of the Joint Venture; or
  • With the sale of all or substantially all rights of the Service to a third-party. In this event, all information in the possession of AMI would be provided to the purchasing party and would be subject to the privacy policies of the new owner.

AMI Game Apps are simulated gambling for entertainment purposes only.

AMI neither condones nor encourages the illegal use of marijuana.

All characters and events that are depicted and/or take place in AMI Game Apps and their related graphics are completely fictional. AMI uses satire and parody to freely express, and to enable users to freely express, support for human rights, tolerance & equality, and opposition to intolerance, bigotry & hypocrisy (particular when such hateful actions are veiled by the purported mask of “sincere religious beliefs”).

AMI in no way encourages actual violence against any creature, human or beast, nor should any graphic, function or description of our applications be interpreted as calling for such action. Any depiction of violence is entirely figurative, representing good (fighting for equality and human rights) standing up against evil (bigotry, hate and intolerance). Depictions of religious symbolism are not intended to be and should not be taken as a slur, but rather as our expression of those symbols being used in their most positive context, for the good of humanity (again, equality and human rights) rather than as the weapon of oppression and excuse for hypocrisy & bigotry they have so frequently served for millennia.

AMI reserves the right to make changes to this Privacy Policy. AMI shall make reasonable efforts to notify you of such changes. Posting a change notice or a new agreement on or is considered sufficient notice.

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