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games for iphone by appsolute madness

We’ve got a great variety of games for you to play:

  • casino-style slot machines (3 reel and 5 reel);
  • card games (blackjack, hi/lo and solitaire);
  • dice games (like farkle and yatzy);
  • strategy games (connect-the-dots & word-searches).

Our free games are ad-supported, but we keep the ads to a minimum, and we offer ad-free versions for $0.99.

slot games appsolute madnessSLOT GAMES
We have four casino-style slot games, with great sound effects and a variety of fun themes and betting options.

  • Funky Frog Pot Slots is a three-reel, casino-style slot game with a pot theme.
  • Royal Flush Potty Slots is a three-reel, casino-style slot game with …. a potty theme! The slot machine is a giant gold toilet, and it flushes every time you spin!
  • Lucky Dog and Lucky Kitty, which have have cute dog/puppy and cat/kitty themes for each of their 12 levels of play. Plus, they offer a variety of betting options.

Best of all, it’s free to play any of our slot games! We start you off with plenty of free coins to play, and each day you play, we give you additional coins or free bonus rounds so you can win free coins.


  • Zombie Hi-Lo is a game of strategy and chance where you pick whether the next card is going to be higher or lower than the displayed card. Or you can also guess whether the next card will be red or black.  Plus, we’ve got a cool zombie theme!
  • Card Shark 21 is traditional blackjack. Try to get a total card count as close to 21 as possible, without going over! We have a lot off betting options, from $1 to $200 and anything in between. Plus, we start you off with $2,000 play credits and give you $100 more every day you play.
  • Zolitaire (Zombie Solitaire) is traditional solitaire…with a zombie theme and bloody cards. Each round begins with 28 cards in three stacks, with the bottom row of 10 cards showing. The player tries to match a card one higher or one lower than his display card. (Aces are high AND low, so you can play a 2 or a King after an Ace.) Whenever you hit an impasse, you can use the Next Card in the remainder of the deck, or you can use one of the free Wild Cards we provide. The goal is to play all 28 of the cards in the three stacks, which completes the round and moves on to the next one.


  • Oopsie Daisy is a popular dice game similar to Farkle. Each game consists of 10 rounds. Your goal is to score at least 5,000 points before the end of Round 10, which wins back the amount you bet. For every 1,000 points above that, you win whatever amount you bet. We start you off with 500 free coins, and every day, we give you ten more. You can bet as little as 1 coin, so that should last you a long time! The instructions lay out the scoring for the different dice and combinations. Anytime you roll and don’t score, you lose your points for that round.  Oopsie Daisy!
  • High Roller is like our game Oopsie Daisy, but with a pot theme, and a friendly mascot named Doobee.  Anytime you roll and don’t score, you’re Busted! and you lose your points for that round.
  • Potzy is based on the dice game yatzy.  Each game consists of 13 rounds. Your goal is to get the highest score possible for each of 13 categories. After you roll, we light up the categories that are possible matches, and we show what the score would be if you selected that category. As you progress through the rounds, there will be fewer categories to pick from. During a round, if you don’t have any matches after your third roll, you can pick any of the unused categories and take 0 points for it. We give you 420 free coins to play, and you can bet as little as 1 coin per game, so it should last you a VERY long time! That’s how we roll! 

For a short summary and iTunes/GooglePlay links of each of our games, click here.

Our game apps are simulated gambling for entertainment purposes only.

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