Royal Flush Potty Slots ~ Now Available on iTunes!

three screen1Royal Flush Potty Slots – our poop-themed Game of Thrones — is a free casino-style slot machine game for iPhone and iPad, complete with a gold toilet slot machine, in-game music, realistic slot-machine sounds & features, and farts galore.  Click here to download.

If you think Number 2 is way funnier than Lucky Number 7, this game is for you!

Royal Flush Potty Slots features Hairy Pooter and the Turdashians.Hairy Pooter and the Turdashians

  •  His Royal Hineyness Hairy Pooter
  • Stinkbomb Stan
  • Deuce Dingleberry
  • Splashdown Sally
  • Floater Flo
  • Skeeter Skidmark
  • One-Ply Buttburner
  • The Motherload

Are you sitting down? ‘Cause it gets even better: Royal Flush Potty Slots is free to play! We start you off with 500 free credits, and each day you play, we give you an additional 50 free credits. If you need more credits, we offer three packages:

  • 100 credits for 99 cents
  • 500 credits + 100 bonus credits = 600 credits for $4.99
  • 1000 credits + 250 bonus credits = 1250 credits for $9.99

To share Royal Flush Potty Slots and invite your friends on Facebook and Twitter to play, simply tap the purple Facebook and Twitter buttons to the left of the giant gold toilet.

We’ve got relaxing tunes to provide soothing background music while you play – but if you’d rather just hear the slot machine sounds, farts included, simply touch the music note icon to turn the music off. Tap it again to turn music back on.icon1024x1024

Royal Flush Potty Slots is simulated gambling for entertainment purposes only.

To download Royal Flush Potty Slots from iTunes, click here.

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