Bop-A-Beast: Free Whack-a-Mole Type Strategy Game

bop a beast facebook cover layout 843x315 with iconBop-A-Beast is a free “whack-a-mole” type strategy game for iPhone & iPad and Android phones & tablets. But instead of pesky little moles, our enemy is the Beast, an angry, hateful, hairy female monster who pops through portals from the Underworld to darken the hearts of humankind.

Because the Beast is made out of hate, bigotry and hypocrisy, the best weapon against her is a Cross. So Bop the Beast with the Cross and send it back to the Underworld where it belongs!

For free download of Bop-A-Beast from GooglePlay, click here

3 bop a beast modesBop-A-Beast offers three MODES OF PLAY:

  • BEAST MODE – Try to bop every Beast that pops up. The game ends after you’ve let 200 Beasts get away.
  • FRIEND MODE – Try to bop every Beast that pops up….but be careful not to bop a FRIEND! In life it’s sometimes hard to tell friends from enemies, but in Bop-A-Beast, we make it easy for you: The Friend is wearing rainbow glasses and holding a rainbow flag, the international symbol of tolerance, a fundamental human rights concept that is toxic and insufferable to the Beast.
  • TIMER MODE – Bop as many Beasts as you can in 60 seconds! You may experience an ecstatic rush of adrenaline and tingling sensation of indescribable happiness, but don’t worry: That’s perfectly normal. It just means you’re a kind and considerate person. People like you — like US — tend to find something deeply gratifying about bopping that horrible, ugly monster beast back to hell where it belongs. So bop that Beast like it’s a pinata full of gold coins or chocolate candy, or both!

facebook bop a beastBOP-A-BEAST CHARACTERS:
Beast 1: Has a halo & cross, because Beasts are often self-righteous and clever in deceiving others
Beast 2: Has an orange prison jumpsuit (Inmate #666) because the Beast broke the law
Beast 3: Has a microphone, squealing like a pig with delight when freed from her self-imposed imprisonment
Beast 4: Has horns & an “I’m the Beast” tshirt, typical casual wear in the Underworld
Friend: Carries the Rainbow Flag, an internationally recognized symbol of LGBT tolerance & equality. (The Beast screams in agony at the very sight of a rainbow flag. Rainbows repel the Beast, like sunlight & garlic to vampires.)

Bop-A-Beast has Music & Sound Effects. You can play with both turned on, with just Music or Sound turned on, or with both turned off.

But seriously, it’s WAY more fun with Sound & Music. Bop the Beast and hear it scream out in pain as you send it back to the Underworld! And while you’re bopping away, enjoy listening to the Beast’s catchy little theme song, “I Ain’t Got Nobody.” And indeed, how true that sad, sad little lament is, for the Beast must surely be the loneliest, most pathetic creature known to man. But whatever you do, DON’T feel sorry for the Beast. It loves to imagine itself persecuted. It feeds on PITY. The Beast may not seem like a dangerous, evil monster, but the Beast leads an army of simpletons, hate-filled beasts just as bigoted, hypocritical and ignorant as their vapid, misguided leader. We can’t just ignore the Beast and hope it’ll go away on its own. Like the Blob, the Beast just grows bigger and bigger the more attention it gets. DON’T FEED THE BEAST!

Rumor has it that the Pope encountered the Beast during his visit to the United States. If anybody can perform a successful exorcism, it should be the Pope. Get out your crucifix and help the Pope battle the Demons in Demon Pop. Otherwise, some of the legion of demons in the unclean Beast may possess the Pope, requiring us to Pop-A-Pope.

icon square
The unclean Beast is a hate-filled bigot & hypocrite, the worst sort of monster.
Grab a crucifix and help the Pope “pop the demons” out of the Beast.
For free download of Demon Pop on GooglePlay, click here.


icon square
The Pope encountered an unclean beast in the USA, and now he’s acting possessed.
Exorcise the Pope in this Whack-a-Mole type game
For free download of Pop-A-Pope on GooglePlay, click here.


Android icon 1024x1024
The Beast is an angry, hateful, hairy female monster who pops through portals from the Underworld to darken the hearts of humankind.
Help us bop the Beast back to hell where it belongs!
For free download of Bop-A-Beast on GooglePlay, click here.


DISCLAIMER: All characters and events that are depicted and/or take place in Bop-A-Beast, Pop-A-Pope, Demon Pope and their related graphics are completely fictional. Bop-A-Beast, Pop-A-Pope and Demon Pop use satire and parody to freely express, and to enable users to freely express, support for human rights, tolerance & equality, and opposition to intolerance, bigotry & hypocrisy (particular when such hateful actions are veiled by the purported mask of “sincere religious beliefs”).

Appsolute Madness, Inc., and Bop-A-Beast in no way encourage actual violence against any creature, human or beast, nor should they be interpreted as calling for such action. Any depiction of violence in Bop-A-Beast is entirely figurative, representing good (fighting for equality and human rights) standing up against evil (bigotry, hate and intolerance). Any depiction of religious symbolism is not intended as a slur, but rather as our expression of those symbols being used in their most positive context, for the good of humanity (again, equality and human rights) rather than as the weapon of oppression and excuse for hypocrisy & bigotry they have so frequently served for millennia.


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