Piano Keys Custom Keyboard

Piano Keys Custom Keyboard screen shotsPiano Keys Custom Keyboard (“Piano Keys”) enables you to customize your iOS keyboard, using our custom piano-themed buttons/keys, backgrounds and templates. Modify our templates by changing key colors, font styles and colors, and background colors, or upload a background image from your device’s camera or gallery. ┬áTo download Piano Keys, click here.

Our custom theme relates to pianos, piano keyboards, keyboard instruments, and music symbols used by pianists and other musicians.


  • For you to use your custom keyboard on your device, Piano Keys requires Full Access in Settings > General > Keyboard > Keyboards > Piano Keys. We respect your privacy and do not — nor will we ever — track anything you type or text. (When you update or upgrade Piano Keys, it may be necessary for you to toggle “Allow Full Access” off and then back on.)
  • If you have multiple keyboards on your device, tap the globe icon to switch between keyboards, or press and hold the globe icon to open a menu of keyboards.
  • Font selection will change the appearance of the letters on the keyboard, but it does not change the font in the body of the text messages you send.
  • At this time, we do not support auto-cap, auto-correct or predictive text.

new app thumb rounded corners 1.15To upload the free Piano Keys Custom Keyboard app, click here.

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