About Us

Don Puryear and Angel Valdez

We’re Don Puryear & Angel Valdez, a couple of native Houstonians doing our best to make the world an “appier” place.

Our primary product is Botl, a modern-day digital version of the traditional “message in a bottle.” Share images, animated gifs, audio and video, and see where they’re found and how far they travel! Botl is feature-rich, and is available online at botl.com, or as a mobile app on iTunes and Google Play.  Botl is a true location-based social network, supporting open-content sharing within the Botl community as well as cross-posting to and from other social networks. For more details about Botl, click here.

We’ve made several fun casino, dice, card & strategy game apps, some sticker/meme generator apps, and a variety of utility apps for customizing iPhone/iPad keyboards. We make a point of including themes we think will have broad appeal, including zombie themes and potty humor. As proponents of marijuana legalization (or at least, decriminalization), we’ve made a few pot-themed apps. And as staunch advocates of human rights, tolerance and equality, we’ve created apps like Pride StickersPride Keys and most recently Bop-A-Beast.

Thanks to the Supreme Court decision on June 26, 2015, Angel & I were finally — after what we call our “22-year engagement” — able to get married legally in our hometown of Houston, Texas.

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